The East Coast Kubb Championship is open to everyone.
All ages, skill levels, and experience levels are encouraged to participate.
Trophy Brewing Company - Raleigh, NC
October 18, 2025
Limited to 64 teams of 2 - 6 players per team.
Cost: $60 per team
Opens August 15, 2025
Past Results

Kubb is truly a sport for everyone. All ages and genders can easily compete with and against each other.

We are excited to bring the sport of Kubb and more Kubb tournaments to the U.S. East Coast. Currently, the East Coast Kubb Championship is only one of five tournaments in the east that use U.S. Kubb Championship rules. Hopefully this will encourage more Kubb clubs to form and grow the sport in this region. We've always loved the sportsmanship that is exhibited in the Kubb community and we're excited to help introduce this fantastic family friendly sport to as many people as we can up and down the East Coast!

The East Coast Kubb Championship will take place annually and will be hosted by a Kubb Club in one of the following states (listed from North to South):

Maine Pennsylvania
Vermont Delaware
New Hampshire Maryland
Massachusetts Virginia
Connecticut North Carolina
Rhode Isand South Carolina
New York Georgia
New Jersey Florida

Players and teams are welcome from outside of the states listed above.

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